Basic Policies against Antisocial Forces

Tokyu REIM recognizes that blocking and eliminating all relations with antisocial forces is essential to fulfill our social responsibilities and public mission as a financial instruments business operator and real estate broker, and has established the following basic policy on antisocial forces.

1. Response during Normal Circumstances

  1. Block and eliminate all relationships with antisocial forces, including business transactions We do not have any relationships whatsoever with antisocial forces, including business transactions. In addition, we establish internal systems to block antisocial forces.
  2. Cooperation with external specialized institutions
    In anticipation of unreasonable demands by antisocial forces, we continually engage in close cooperation with police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, and other external specialized institutions.

2. Response in Emergencies

  1. Reject unreasonable demands by antisocial forces
    We firmly reject all unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
  2. Prohibition of backroom deals and provision of funds
    We never engage in backroom deals to hide facts even when unreasonable demands from antisocial forces are the cause of a scandal. In addition, we never provide benefits such as funds to antisocial forces.
  3. Organizational response
    We respond as an organization rather than leaving matters to the person or department in charge when unreasonable demands are made by antisocial forces. We also ensure the safety of officers and employees who respond to antisocial forces.
  4. Legal countermeasures
    We respond decisively and take the necessary legal countermeasures when unreasonable demands are made by antisocial forces.